Pacific Essences®

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A New World of Hope
7.5 ml bottle Special Limited Edition Essence A New World of Hope We are deeply honoured ..
Anemone - 25 ml
For acceptance of self and others by taking responsibility for one's own reality, allowing yours..
Barnacle - 25 ml
For attuning with the feminine aspect of the self, for developing radical trust ---- Bar..
Brown Kelp - 25 ml
Brown Kelp nereocystis luetkeana For shifts in perception leading to clarity ..
Chiton - 25 ml
mopalia muscosa "For gentleness which serves to break up and to dissolve blockages and tension"..
Coral - 25 ml
pocillopora meandrina "For living in community; respect for self and others" Resonance: Harmon..
Diatoms - 25 ml
amphipleura pellucida "Repatterning cellular memory; letting in the light" Resonance: Dharma ..
Dolphin - 25 ml
stenella longirostris "Appreciation 'for all that is'; playful, lighthearted; inter s..
Hermit Crab - 25 ml
pagurus granosimanus "The ability to enjoy 'alone-ness'; contentment and sensitivity"..
Jellyfish - 25 ml
For fluidity and letting go into the experience ---- Jellyfish aurelia aurita ..
Moon Snail - 25 ml
To cleanse the mind and let in light ---- Moon Snail polinices lewisii ..
Mussel - 25 ml
mytilus edulis "For releasing the burden of anger and to enable one to stand up straight" Reso..
Pink Seaweed - 25 ml
Pink Seaweedcorallina vancouveriensisA grounding remedy; for patience before new beginnings; to harm..
Rainbow Kelp - 25 ml
iridaea cordata "Alignment of front and back brain i.e. reactivity and sensibility; alchemical ..
Sand Dollar - 25 ml
dendraster excentricus "To create a disruption of the mirage.. coming to your senses" Resonanc..
Sea Horse - 25 ml
hippocampus "Energizing the spine and central nervous system; accessing the 'wild one'..
Sea Lettuce - 25 ml
ulva lactuca "Embracing and healing the shadow; for dispersal and elimination of toxins" Reson..
Sea Palm - 25 ml
postelsia palmaeformis "Meetings at the edge of breakthroughs in consciousness; balances '..
Sea Turtle - 25 ml
chelonia mydas "For persistance, grace, commitment" Resonance: Grace Key Attractors: Present, Ava..
Sponge - 25 ml
myxilla incrustans "Everything is unfolding in perfection; nothing happens to me without my con..