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New Mini-Sprays!

The 3 original combination sprays, Balancer, Abundance and Heart Spirit now come in min 10 ml. sprayer bottles. With aromatherapy oils and the combination essence, it's a great way to experience the benefits of these amazing essences.

Essence Sprays

A unique, and user friendly way to experience the healing power of flower and sea essences.

Activated and potentized by the combination essence of the same name, the Essence Sprays are made with pure spring water and the purest essential oils of Tangerine. Lavender and Rose.

Use Essence Sprays to:

• Remind you of your intention – of who you are and how you want to be

• Promote healing – nourishes spirit within

• Space clearing – change the energy in a room

• Attractor patterns to draw more abundance balance and heart energy to your life

Abundance Spray – participating in the infinite flow of creation.

Choosing the power of Intention

Balancer Spray – Calming and enabling instead of stressed and frenetic

Choosing the power of Now

Heart Spirit Spray – Being in your heart instead of in your head

Choosing the power of Attraction




For External Use Only

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