Kit 3 - Spring Flowers - 7.5 ml

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Spring in Victoria often begins as early as December. In 1984 we were drawn to the abundance of new energy emerging from Mother Earth in the form of the Spring flowers. These flower energies are not unique to the Pacific Northwest and are available throughout the gardens of North America and Europe. They hold the special energy of new life and grace the earth with the mystery of birth and renewal.

Kit 3 contains 12 individual essences:

CAMELLIA camellia sasanqua - a catalyst to opening to new attitudes which reflect one's true inner nature

PURPLE CROCUS crocus tomasinianus - for resolving tension generated from grief and loss

FORSYTHIA forsythia suspensa - provides motivation for the transformation of old patterns

GRAPE HYACINTH muscari racemosum - for times of external shock, despair, stress

LILY OF THE VALLEY convallaria majalis - allows for freedom of choice by discovering the simplest mode of behaviour

PURPLE MAGNOLIA magnolia soulangeana - promotes intimacy and non-separateness; enhances all the senses

NARCISSUS narcissus pseudo-narcissus - for identification and resolution of conflicts by going to the centre of the problem/fear

PERIWINKLE vinca major - encourages the 'ability to respond' to depression and thereby dispel it

POLYANTHUS primula x polyanthus - dissolves blocks to abundance consciousness; transforms attitudes of scarcity into ones of worthiness and willingness to receive

SNOWDROP galanthus nivalis - for letting go, having fun, lightening up

VIBURNUM viburnum carlesii - strengthens our connection with the subconscious and our psychic abilities

WINDFLOWER anemone pulsatilla - spiritual tonic: provides grounding and inner security"

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